‘Floodmobile’ to visit at-risk communities in Calderdale

  • The Floodmobile, a mobile home which shows people and businesses how they can better protect their properties from flooding, is visiting communities in Brighouse and Todmorden on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 March
  • The mobile home showcases over 50 ways that people can increase resilience to their properties and reduce the risks of flooding
  • Industry experts along with Environment Agency and Calderdale Council staff will be on hand to provide specialist advice on how to better protect homes and businesses from flooding

The Floodmobile, a specially adapted mobile home that showcases over 50 examples of different products that can better protect properties, will be visiting communities in Brighouse and Todmorden at the end of this month.

The mobile home aims to promote options for homes and businesses that will allow them to adapt to the increasing flood risks brought about by climate change. It is scheduled to make an appearance at the Tesco car park on Huddersfield Road, Brighouse, on Thursday 24 March, followed by the Aldi car park on Burnley Road, Todmorden, on Friday 25 March.

The Floodmobile highlights the need for property adaptation, particularly in flood-prone areas, which will also increase the likelihood of a quicker recovery following a flood. Examples of measures that can be installed include waterproof plaster, pumps, barriers, flood doors, non-return valves, self-closing air bricks, periscope covers, and recoverable kitchens.

Paul Swales, Senior Flood Risk Advisor at the Environment Agency said:

“Sadly, we are experiencing an increasing number of storms as a result of climate change.


“However, there is so much that people can do to protect themselves and their property from flooding. Some examples of these are highlighted in the Floodmobile.


“We can’t stop flooding altogether. That’s why we urge local people to come along to these events to gain practical advice about how they can reduce the impact of flooding to their properties, and to explore the different measures available to become more resilient.”

Cllr Scott Patient, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Resilience, said:

“With Storm Franklin still very fresh in the minds of Calderdale residents and businesses, we’re pleased to welcome the Floodmobile to the borough. It’s a practical way to help people prepare for future flooding, which is sadly very likely as we continue to live in a climate emergency.


“The Council, the Environment Agency, many other partner organisations and communities are working hard to reduce flood risk, increase resilience and tackle climate change across Calderdale. Alongside this work, it’s really important for local people to continue to be aware of the risks and have a flood plan to help reduce damage and disruption. This includes preparing homes using measures shown in the Floodmobile.”

Mary Dhonau, a flood victim and campaigner also known as “Flood Mary” said:

“I’ve been flooded on many occasions and it’s an appalling experience. Many people are out of their homes for many months on end.


“The Floodmobile displays the moves that can be taken to reduce the awful impact a flood can bring. It demonstrates just what can be done at a home or business level to either keep the water out, or reduce the damage and speed up recovery if it does get in.


“I have travelled around the country talking to people who have ‘built back better’. Their powerful and inspirational stories of being flooded one day and back home, or open for business the next, or not having to move out at all because of the moves they have taken have helped shape the content of the Floodmobile.


“I encourage everyone who is at risk of flooding to visit us, we are looking forward to meeting everyone.”

The Environment Agency, in partnership with Calderdale Council, is developing the Brighouse Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) to better protect 216 homes in the area. Members of the project team will be at the Brighouse event to answer any questions regarding the scheme.

For more information about the Brighouse FAS, please visit the Eye on Calderdale webpage: link). You can sign up to receive updates about the scheme via email, please email ‘subscribe’ to

The Environment Agency provides a Flood Warning Service to over 8000 properties and business in the Upper Calder Valley, which aims to provide residents and businesses with essential time to prepare for flooding and act immediately.

To find out if you are living in a flood risk area and for information about how to sign up for flood alerts and warnings, please visit the Environment Agency website: link) or contact Floodline on 03459 88 11 88.

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