Boost for businesses and employment

On Monday 8 April Calderdale Council’s Cabinet will consider a new approach to business support and economic development through the work of the Economic Task Force.

The proposed plans will build on current successes, enabling Calderdale to excel in supporting businesses, attracting start-ups and developing job opportunities.

These proposals come at a time when the UK economy is in a prolonged period of recession. Calderdale Council has been working hard to combat the effects of this, and has seen a number of success stories. There is low unemployment in many wards and a very high number of business start-ups.

To build on these successes, the Council has highlighted a number of priorities aimed at boosting the local economy. At the Cabinet meeting, the Economic Task Force will recommend funding to support these priorities.

One of these is to help young people find employment which is both fulfilling and well paid. Calderdale Council aims to work with young people, schools, colleges, other education providers and employers, to develop good attitudes to work and build motivation and confidence through paid work experience and apprenticeships.

The other priorities are:

  • Marketing Calderdale to increase tourism, investment and business
  • Working more closely with significant employers in Calderdale
  • Opening up sites which are currently difficult to develop, to attract new businesses, investment and expansion
  • Reducing the impact of lower public expenditure and welfare reform on individuals and communities

As part of these aims, the Economic Task Force supports two pilot schemes focusing on outdoor environmental work, and work helping older and vulnerable people with their IT skills.

Calderdale Council’s Leader and Chair of the Economic Task Force, Cllr Tim Swift, said:

“The Council can play a major part in securing the continuing economic development of our communities in hard times. The priorities we are agreeing set out clearly how we intend to achieve this. This is about targeting our efforts to work as effectively as we can with local businesses, encourage development and provide better opportunities for young people who are struggling to find worthwhile employment.”

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment, Cllr Barry Collins, said:

“These proposals demonstrate a real step forward in boosting the development of Calderdale’s economy. The priorities outlined for Cabinet to consider come at a crucial time, providing financial resilience for those affected by the recession.

“By creating a targeted approach and building on the previous good work of the Council in this area, Calderdale will create a long-term solution to important issues like unemployment and business growth, developing a strong framework for current residents and future generations.”

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