Calderdale’s digital future

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A new strategy outlining improvements to digital services and IT technology is being discussed by Calderdale Council’s Cabinet. 

The Digital and IT Strategy covers the next three years and addresses the need to have secure IT infrastructure, better digital services and improved digital skills.  

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Business Change and Customer Service, Cllr Jane Scullion, said: 

“As the digital world changes so quickly it’s vital we keep up-to-date and harness the potential of technological advances. 

“Calderdale has an excellent track record for delivering innovative digital services. For example, we were the first borough in the country to implement our Live Chat service allowing us to deliver customer service 24/7. 

“In 2015, we were also the first authority in the country to publish a combined Digital and ICT strategy. This has now been updated and sets out our ambitious vision for our digital future.” 

The strategy is aligned to the Council’s three key priorities – grow the economy, reduce inequalities and build a sustainable future. It looks at how digital technology can be of use to support these priority areas and uses case studies to demonstrate the potential benefits in embracing new technologies, such as the technology used to remotely monitor river levels as a flood warning system.  

The strategy also looks at ways to improve digital skills to help residents make the most of the technology available to them. All Calderdale libraries have free public Wi-Fi, computers and other digital content available, ensuring that technology is accessible for all. In addition to this, they will offer digital literacy services to help people understand the numerous benefits of using the internet and accessing services online.  

The implementation of the new strategy will be discussed by Calderdale Council’s Cabinet on Monday 6 November at Halifax Town Hall.

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