Community boost for Luddendenfoot

Luddendenfoot Community Association is set to take over the running of Luddendenfoot Civic Institute, which will make sure the building remains a vibrant facility for local people.

This is following approval from Calderdale Council’s Cabinet in February 2012. The building will transfer from the Council to Luddendenfoot Community Association on 1 April 2013 on a long-term lease under the Council’s Community Management of Assets framework.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr Pauline Nash, handed over the Civic Institute keys to Luddendenfoot Community Association on Tuesday 26 March at Luddendenfoot Civic Institute.

The Institute is on Station Road, Luddendenfoot, and is used by community groups such as The United Reformed Church, Luddendenfoot Playgroup, the Boys Brigade and four football teams.

Luddendenfoot Community Association runs community events linked to the building and has contributed to its maintenance. After careful consideration, the Council has approved the Association’s business plan for how it will run the Institute. The plan shows that the organisation will carry out restoration works to make the building up-to-date and suitable for its purpose. The proposed works include:

  • Disabled access
  • Upgraded toilet, shower and changing facilities
  • IT suite
  • Small library / museum
  • Facility for art and craft activities
  • Community caf√©
  • Community garden

The Association has demonstrated to the Council that it has consulted with the community about the plans for the site, and that in any future governance arrangements, there will be continued accountability to the local community.

Calderdale Council has been at the forefront of community asset transfers since it drew up its Community Management of Assets framework in 2009. So far, the Council has transferred more than 10 assets to community groups across the borough, including Hebden Bridge Town Hall in 2010, Hebden Bridge Picture House in 2012 and Four Fields playing pitches in Ovenden in 2012.

Calderdale Council’s Leader, Cllr Tim Swift, says:

“This is a great opportunity for local people to come together and create a thriving community facility in Luddendenfoot.

“Asset transfers can help to create vibrant community facilities, stimulate community involvement and potentially unlock funding that is not available to the Council.”

The Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Janet Battye, adds:

“This is another brilliant example of the way the Council can transfer assets to local communities, making sure buildings continue to be used. More power to the people! “

Chair of Luddendenfoot Community Association Robin Murray, says:

“The conclusion of this asset transfer is a brilliant result for all who have been involved in trying to obtain the right to keep the Luddendenfoot Civic Institute open for the community. I praise those who have worked so hard to bring this about. Well done to the volunteers of the Luddendenfoot Community Association both past and present, the various user groups of the Institute and Council officers who have helped us to obtain this goal.

“Now new challenges lie before the LCA as we seek to keep the building open, finalise our plans to improve the facilities and to put the necessary conditions in place to carry them through.

“Anyone wishing to become involved with these challenges would be welcome, whether it’s a simple membership, corporate funding or giving time to assist in maintaining the operation or using the hall. Please get in touch with us through our Website¬† link)|External link.”

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