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Residents, businesses and road users in Calderdale are being asked to have their say on plans to increase the Council’s enforcement powers, supporting safer roads for all.

Moving traffic offences in Calderdale are currently enforced by West Yorkshire Police, but Calderdale Council is planning to apply for new powers from the Department of Transport to allow it to manage enforcement at specific locations. This would include for offences such as driving where vehicles are prohibited, stopping on yellow boxes, ignoring prohibited turn signage, or driving on routes that are only for buses, cyclists, and taxis to use.

The Council is proposing to use the new powers to enforce moving traffic offences in 15 locations across the borough, with sites identified based on surveys and knowledge of the road network.

Enforcement would be carried out using automatic number plate recognition camera technology, with clear signage in place. During an introductory period, warning notices would be issued for a first offence for motorists found to be breaking the rules of the road. After this period, or for repeat offenders, Penalty Charge Notices would then be issued, with any income reinvested to improve roads or the local environment.

The Council is asking for people’s views on the proposals to help identify any potential issues and support the further development of the plans. Further information is available at Moving Traffic Enforcement | Calderdale Council and on the Commonplace platform website link).

People are encouraged to complete the survey available at on the Commonplace platform link) which asks about people’s current experiences and their thoughts on the proposals. The deadline for responses is 11 June 2024.

Engagement is also taking place with emergency services, local councillors, community groups, business network organisations and special interest groups such as cycling and accessibility organisations to understand their views.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport, Cllr Sarah Courtney, said:

“Keeping Calderdale roads as safe as possible is hugely important and when roads have specific markings or restrictions, they’re there for a reason.

“We want to use the new powers available to councils to enable us to manage enforcement at specific locations where there may be issues with persistent moving traffic offences. Adopting these powers would help us to improve road safety and reduce congestion at sites across the borough.

“Our proposals focus on 15 sites across the borough, which have been identified through local knowledge and survey work. We’re asking local people to have their say on the plans, the locations identified and to identify any sites for future development of the project.”


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