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Calderdale Council celebrated the hard work and dedication of colleagues with a recognition afternoon at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax on Thursday 26 September 2013. The cost of the event was covered by sponsorship from local businesses who also attended to present the awards.


The ‘Our Stars’ event recognised the inspirational example set by colleagues, teams and services across the Council over the last 12 months. 


Calderdale Council’s Leader, Cllr Tim Swift, said:


“Last year, whatever the challenges, many Calderdale staff went above and beyond expectation to help their service, and the people of Calderdale. We wanted to make sure those efforts didn’t go unnoticed, and the Our Stars ceremony was a great way to highlight the achievements of Calderdale workers.


“From the most dramatic stories to the more apparently mundane, the work our colleagues do every day touches the lives of everyone who lives and works here.”


The Chief Executive of Calderdale Council, Merran McRae, attended the event to thank all of those who have made a key contribution to Calderdale’s success. She said of the awards:


“The Our Stars event provided a unique opportunity to come together as one Council, to celebrate our achievements and listen to the highlights of the past year from each of our diverse service areas.


“We’ve saved lives, set records and won national awards. The stories and achievements we have heard have been extraordinary – a showcase of the amazing work, dedication and commitment our colleagues put in each and every day.”


Awards and sponsor summary.

The winner and runners-up in each category were as follows:


Our Calderdale

Winner – Christine Henderson

Runner-up – Liz Thorpe

Runner-up – The Markets Team

Runner-up – The Contact Centre


Our Support

Winner – Alison Metcalfe

Runner-up – Cohesion and Equality Team

Runner-up – Cutting Hedge and the supporting team

Runner –up – Handy Person Team


Our Inspiration

Winner – Margot Puddepha

Runner-up – Rachel Jones

Runner-up – Robert Wilkinson

Runner-up – Steven Hollis and Jamie Bradley


Our Star

Winner – Sports Services

Runner-up – Winter Maintenance Team

Runner-up – Bankfield  Museum

Runner-up – Safer, Cleaner, Greener


Our Innovation (voted for across the Council)

Joint Winners – Karen Midgley and Families Information Service

Runner-up – Lee Cumsikey

Runner-up – Maureen Coogan-Williams


Our Hero

Winner – Sail Suleman


The event sponsors were:


Our Star

Home Instead Senior Care link)



Our Calderdale

Federation of Small Businesses link)



Our Hero

Imagineer,uk(external link)



Our Innovation

Severn Unival link)



Our Support

Pure Clean UK ltd link)



Our Inspiration

Lattitude7 link)



Halifax Party Nights, provided the theatre and event decorations and props.



Cardelium provided the balloon decorations for the theatre and stage. link)



Nominees for the awards came from all Calderdale service areas and entertainment was provided by the Council’s own staff, who performed live music both before and after the event

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