Ovenden Road / Keighley Road carriageway resurfacing

Essential carriageway resurfacing works are planned for Ovenden Road / Keighley Road between Friendly Fold Road and Cousin Lane, starting on Sunday 20 January 2013 and expected to be completed on Sunday 3 March 2013.

Most work will take place under traffic light control from Monday to Friday, generally between 7.00am and 6.00pm.

However, road widths at each end of the scheme mean it will be necessary to close these sections to traffic to allow the work to take place. Consequently, Friendly Fold Road to Ovenden Hall will be closed to vehicles on the following Sundays: 20 January, 27 January, 3 February and 17 February between 7.00am and 6.00pm.

84 Keighley Road to 102 Keighley Road will be closed on Sunday 24 February and 102 Keighley Road to Cousin Lane will be closed on Sunday 3 March. Various closures at junctions will also be required for short periods, but there will be signs to notify people of these at the time.

Calderdale Council apologises for any inconvenience these works may cause.

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