Register to vote and be election-ready

Register to vote image by the Electoral Commission

Calderdale residents are being reminded to register to vote so they can have their say in the upcoming elections.

On Thursday 2 May 2024, people will be able to vote in the Council’s local election and in the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Mayoral election – but only if they’re registered.

Registering to vote is quick and easy and can be done online at link) Alternatively, please contact Calderdale Council’s Electoral Services on 01422 393103 or to request a form. 

The deadline for registering to vote in the May 2024 elections is midnight on Tuesday 16 April 2024.

It needs to be done if someone has never registered before, has moved house or changed their name, and regardless of whether they want to vote in person, by post or by appointing someone they trust to vote in their place, known as a proxy vote.

From 2 May 2024, voters will only be allowed to hand in their own postal vote, and the postal votes of up to five other people, at a polling station or at the Council’s Electoral Services’ reception. A declaration form must be completed when a postal vote is handed in, otherwise it will be rejected.

It will also be a criminal offence for campaigners to handle postal votes for other voters who are not close relatives or somebody the campaigner provides regular care for.

Robin Tuddenham, Returning Officer at Calderdale Council, said:

“Having your voice heard is a key part of our Vision 2024 for Calderdale. Your vote matters. Don’t lose it. Make sure you are election-ready and register to vote by midnight on Tuesday 16 April 2024. It only takes a few minutes.

“By voting in the May elections, you will have the chance to say who you want to represent you in Calderdale, and who you want to be the Mayor of West Yorkshire.”

Residents are also reminded of the following deadlines:

  • Wednesday 17 April 2024 at 5pm – the last date for receipt of applications to vote by post, and to amend or cancel an existing proxy vote.
  • Wednesday 24 April 2024 at 5pm – the last date for receipt of new applications to vote by proxy, and to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (photo ID to vote in person at a polling station) if you don’t have another accepted form of ID.

In the runup to the May elections, Calderdale Council is backing the ‘Your Vote is Yours Alone’ campaign, which the Electoral Commission is running in partnership with Crimestoppers to raise awareness of and help prevent electoral fraud.

When you vote, your decision is yours alone. No-one, not even a partner or family member, is allowed to pressure you into voting a certain way, offer you something in exchange for your vote, pretend to be you at the polling station or complete your postal vote for you.

If someone tries to take your vote, or the vote of anyone you know, call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit link)

For more information about elections and voting, visit: link) link)

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