Residents’ parking in Todmorden

In August 2012, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet approved proposals to introduce an administration charge for residents’ parking permits throughout Calderdale. The charge of £25 per permit came into effect on 1 November 2012.

Since the charge was introduced, residents in one particular part of Todmorden have told the Council that they no longer want to have a residents’ parking scheme in their area.

The Council is now carrying out a consultation to ask all affected Todmorden residents for their opinion on whether the scheme should stay or be removed. The Council has posted a questionnaire to those residents whose properties fall within the zone where a petition has been made to remove the scheme. The deadline for completing and returning the questionnaire is Wednesday 10 April 2013.

Once the Council has received responses from residents, a decision will be made. The Council expects to let residents know the decision on Friday 26 April 2013 by letter.

It is important to ensure that removing a residents’ parking permit scheme is supported by the majority of residents. For a removal to progress, it is necessary for at least 50 per cent of those consulted to respond, with 75 per cent of those in favour of the scheme being removed.

If the decision is made to remove the scheme, there will be no restrictions in place. This means that parking will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Enforcement of the scheme in Todmorden has been suspended until the outcome of the consultation is known.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment, Cllr Barry Collins, said:

“The Council often receives requests from residents across Calderdale for parking permit schemes, but there is a cost to administer, enforce and maintain them. Cabinet agreed to introduce a £25 charge for residents’ parking permits to cover the cost of the scheme. At the moment around 60 per cent of councils charge for residents’ parking permits. If parking schemes are self-financing, councils can use their budgets for other vital services.”

If you have received a questionnaire, please post it to:

Parking Services, Mulcture House, Mulcture Hall Road, Halifax, HX1 1SP

Or hand it in at:

Todmorden Customer First, Todmorden Community College, Burnley Road, Todmorden

For more information about parking permits, please visit the Council’s website: Parking permits.

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