‘Unforgettable’ care home play showcases in Halifax

Photo of Cath Gormally

A performance by playwright Brian Daniels (Pluto Play Productions), relating to the experience of care homes during the pandemic, is coming to Halifax.

Having premiered at the Houses of Parliament in the autumn thanks to support from Fabian Hamilton MP and Leeds Care Association who commissioned the play, ‘Unforgettable: Telling the Care Home Story’ now comes to Halifax on Wednesday 20th March at the Kings Centre at 1-3pm.

Calderdale Council’s Director for Adult Services and Wellbeing, Cath Gormally, is part of the panel discussion after the play, and says:

“We know that the pandemic was an extremely difficult and devastating time for many, and its impact lives on. It is so important that we understand, acknowledge and learn the valuable lessons of the impact of COVID on care homes, staff, people living in care homes and their families and loved ones. I am looking forward to chairing the panel discussion following the play and leading what I’m sure will be an interesting conversation.”

The performance is open to anyone within Calderdale and the wider area to attend. Titled ‘Unforgettable’, it tells the story of a care home manager who is constantly barraged by phone calls during the pandemic, and an older gay woman developing dementia who is uncertain about her future and whether she can be true to herself if she goes into a care home.

Brian Daniels said:

“I wrote the play in response to the pandemic and the difficulties care homes faced, especially care workers who had to deal with some really difficult and challenging situations such as continually changing guidance, restrictive visiting practices to protect people in the care home and people who they have come to know dying on their watch. It was a terrible time for the sector. 

“As we’re now learning from the Covid Inquiry, we mustn’t marginalise or minimise what’s happened, and we must make sure we learn from it, so we prevent it in future.”

As well as being entertaining, the play is educational and informative and aims to raise awareness of the issues, especially concerning older people. The performance will be followed by a discussion by an invited panel of guests plus a Q&A with the audience which is an integral part of the event. The panel of guests includes the Council’s Director for Adult Services and Wellbeing, Cath Gormally, the Principal Social Worker, Harriet Sykes, Quest Matron Team Leader, Emma Vant and Chief Executive of VAC and former care home manager, Julie Robinson.

Tickets are available for free and open to anyone.

Anyone wishing to attend can purchase tickets via this link: link)

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