What’s in a name?

Mother and baby

Parents in Calderdale are reflecting the national trends when naming their children, choosing the UK’s most popular names for both boys and girls. 

4989 babies were registered in Calderdale in the last year. Along with Yorkshire and Humber and the UK as a whole, Amelia and Oliver were the most popular names for babies in Calderdale. 

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Communities, Cllr Susan Press, said: 

“Calderdale parents are clearly on trend when choosing a name for their child, with the two most popular names nationally for 2016, also taking the top spots in Calderdale. 

“Inspiration for names seems to come from a variety of sources, with celebrity baby names, royal names and the more traditional all taking high spots in our list for this year.” 

Classic names are still very popular in Calderdale with Olivia and Grace making a regular appearance in our list. The royal princes are also seemingly influencing new parents, as Harry and George both feature the top ten.  

Reggie is a new entry in the top 100 names nationally, and this popularity is reflected in Calderdale as it features prominently in our list.  

Harper is also a popular choice in the borough, showing the Beckhams are still an inspiration when it comes to baby names. 

Whichever name is chosen, celebrating the naming is clearly very important to Calderdale parents. Over the past year, the Council has seen a rise in the popularity of its baby naming ceremonies, with many people choosing them as an alternative to religious naming services. 

The personalised ceremonies can be held at any public venue in Calderdale, and gives parents the opportunity to celebrate the naming of a child, and involving family and friends in the occasion.

For more information visit and search for ‘Celebratory ceremonies’.

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