Where there’s muck there’s brass

Calderdale Council is looking to invest in a new facility to treat all the waste from Calderdale and Bradford.

On Monday 11 February Calderdale’s Cabinet will consider a report which recommends a £9m investment in the new waste management facility to be constructed at Bowling Back Lane in Bradford.

The new plant, which will be fully operational by 2016, is designed to generate energy from waste after extracting valuable materials for recycling. The facility will process up to 44,000 tonnes of waste from Calderdale per year. The report explains that councillors can save £200k a year for the borough by taking a stake in the new facility. This is because Calderdale can access low borrowing rates which will reduce the cost of building the new plant.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment, Cllr Barry Collins, said:

“We know that the new plant will bring us lots of advantages in avoiding landfill, increasing recycling and guaranteeing that we have somewhere to send our waste. We now have the opportunity to reduce costs by investing in the plant ourselves.”

It is proposed that Calderdale will join a club of investors working alongside international banks on the project.

Calderdale Council’s Director of Economy and Environment, Ian Gray, added:

“We do not have to invest in the new facility as there is a queue of banks keen to be part of the project. However, there is an opportunity for us to invest in a way which will bring down our costs.”

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