Woodland improvements for Centre Vale Park

Centre Vale Park in Todmorden is receiving a woodland makeover, thanks to the help of local volunteers.

Calderdale Council is currently working with Blackbark Workers Cooperative, a local group of volunteers with an interest in improving woodland, to carry out work in the park.

As part of the Council’s plans for the park, with guidance from a local woodland expert, trees are being thinned out by removing mainly Sycamores, allowing the remaining trees to mature. This will result in more light reaching the woodland floor, encouraging plants on the ground to flourish.

The branches and twigs from the thinning are being kept to create natural habitats; this will in turn improve the environment of the woodland and also stop water from running down into the park.

Once this work is finished, the paths will be cleaned up, and hopefully by early summer patches of ground flora will start to appear.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr Pauline Nash, said:

“We have beautiful parks around Calderdale, and this work will make Centre Vale Park an even more enjoyable place to visit.

“The hard work of Council employees, Blackbark workers and volunteers will result in a park that local people can really be proud of.”

For more information about Centre Vale, and other parks in the area, visit Calderdale Parks

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