Your help needed with household flood insurance survey


Residents affected by the floods of Boxing Day 2015 are being asked about their experiences of obtaining household insurance, including flood cover.

Calderdale Council has sent a questionnaire to every household which has been recorded as receiving a residential Repair and Renew flood grant. The grant, funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, enabled flood resilience and resistance works to be carried out to properties in a bid to reduce the impact of future flooding, and make homes easier, quicker and cheaper to repair.

The survey aims to identify how many people have accessed flood insurance for their properties, be it a full insurance policy or contents only and also if residents have experienced any difficulties in obtaining affordable home insurance.

Amongst the questions asked is whether the introduction of Flood Re in April 2016 has been of benefit to the homeowner. The scheme is designed to make the flood insurance element of home insurance remain available and affordable to homeowners who are at risk of flooding.

Not all insurance companies have signed up and if homeowners are denied flood insurance they are advised to consider contacting an alternative insurer that is part of the Flood Re scheme.

The results of the survey will be used to better inform the Council about the number of residents in Calderdale who are able to access affordable flood insurance. It will also help identify if anyone has been unable to secure any offer of flood insurance following the introduction of Flood Re.

Cllr Barry Collins, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Strategy, said:

“Three years on from the devastating floods in December 2015, it is especially important for householders to be able to obtain affordable flood insurance.


“We would be extremely grateful to anyone who can take five minutes out of their day to complete this survey.”

The questionnaire may be completed online at or returned to Calderdale Council by post in the pre-paid envelope included with the letter by no later than Thursday 28 February. The survey is also open to other homeowners in Calderdale whose homes flooded, but did not apply for or receive the Repair and Renew flood grant.

For more information on Flood Re, visit link).

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