Blooming marvellous


Grass verges and open spaces in Calderdale could soon be a lot more colourful, as Calderdale Council’s Cabinet discuss the planting of wild flowers across the borough.

There are already a number of sites across Calderdale where wildflowers have been allowed to bloom, resulting in stunning displays of flowers like poppies appearing on the road side.

Adopting a wider policy of wild flower planting was discussed by the Council’s Communities Scrutiny Panel in October this year, and following this discussion, a number of recommendations are being put to Cabinet to build upon the work already done by the Council.

It’s proposed that wild flowers are planted on appropriate grass verges and open spaces across Calderdale. The Council’s Safer Cleaner Greener teams would also harvest seeds to be re-sown.

The planting of wild flowers not only looks appealing, but it is also good for the environment, as there isn’t the need to use fuel powered mowers as often, cutting down on emissions and saving the Council money.

There’s also the potential for ‘friends of’ groups and other community organisations to get involved in the scheme, for example through educational projects or community seed planting. 

The possibility of setting up a fund for the purchase of wild flower seeds would also be investigated, allowing community groups to bid for funding to take forward their own projects.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr Steve Sweeney, said:

“Planting and allowing wild flowers to grow where possible and appropriate is generally very popular, and by allowing these flowers to bloom in grass areas in the borough it will save money and go some way to helping to support the wildlife and insect population.

“Obviously not all grass sites are suitable for planting and each site will be carefully chosen, but for those sites that are picked it will add a lovely splash of colour to the landscape.”


Members will discuss the proposals at the meeting of Calderdale Council’s Cabinet on Monday 16 November at Halifax Town Hall, starting at 6pm.

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