Calderdale bus fleet receives green upgrades to help air quality

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  • 21 buses have been upgraded with cleaner exhausts; helping to improve air quality across Calderdale
  • First West Yorkshire and Calderdale Council are working together to promote the benefits of travelling by bus, ahead of Clean Air Day on 20th June

Residents in Calderdale are benefitting from reduced bus emissions, thanks to an investment by First West Yorkshire to upgrade around a fifth of its fleet with cleaner engines.

Buses in Calderdale have been upgraded with cleaner exhausts, thanks to a major investment by First West Yorkshire and additional matched government funding. The upgraded vehicles will be serving the 548, 549 and 579 routes and will have ‘Euro 6 standard vehicle emissions’, which almost completely removes Nitrogen Dioxide emissions.

Bus travel is a big part of the solution to air quality, as well as being a source of some of the emissions, as a full double-decker bus can take 75 car drivers off the road. First West Yorkshire and Calderdale Council are working together to promote bus travel across the region, ahead of this year’s Clean Air Day on 20th June.

Martin Hirst, Commercial Director at First West Yorkshire, said:

“We are completely committed to reducing bus emissions across West Yorkshire and supporting the local campaigns for cleaner air. With the latest green exhaust system technology, we are reducing emissions significantly. Greener buses mean cleaner town and city centres and a healthier environment for everyone.

“We are also working hard to make bus travel more attractive by introducing new and easy ways to plan and pay for your bus journey, such as via our First Bus App and contactless payments. Purchasing advance tickets means that customers can board the bus much quicker as there’s no need to pay or interact with the driver, and it also reduces engine idling times at bus stops, all of which means we can speed up bus journeys to combat any congestion on the roads.”

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, Cllr Scott Patient, said:

“Reducing harmful emissions from buses and making bus travel more attractive are all key ways we can tackle air pollution in Calderdale.

“With greener, more efficient buses we hope to also encourage many people to make the switch to bus travel, helping reduce congestion and further improving our air quality.”


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