Calderdale Council wants quitters!


Last year over 5000 Calderdalians stopped smoking for more than 28 days, and this year Calderdale Council is hoping to inspire even more people to kick the habit.  

The Council is supporting Public Health England’s Stoptober challenge, which encourages smokers to quit for 28 days in October. 

Ten staff at Calderdale Council have already signed up and pledged to quit smoking during Stoptober. 

Sarah Januszczyk, Secretary to Public Health at Calderdale Council is taking part in the challenge. She said: 

“I feel very positive about Stoptober.  Knowing that I have colleagues who are also taking part will really help to motivate me and we’ll all support each other. I’m sure that the health benefits and the money I’ll save will be enough to keep me going after October.” 

The average smoker will save over £150 a month, £1800 per year, by kicking the habit. 

Calderdale Council’s Interim Director of Public Health, Paul Butcher said: 

“Everyone knows the risk of smoking but people also need to know the benefits of quitting.  If you give up smoking for 28 days you’re five times more likely to stay smoke free.  If you don’t start again at all you could gain an extra seven days of life, every 28 days, for the rest of your life.  It really is worth taking the challenge.” 

Stoptober quitters will receive a range of free support, including a new stop smoking pack, a 28 day mobile phone app and text support with daily updates and quitting advice, detailed tools and tips for coping, as well as the encouragement and support from thousands of people quitting together through Stoptober social media. People who currently smoke are also encouraged to get in touch with their local stop smoking service, as research shows you are four times more likely to quit with this extra support than stopping on your own.   

Calderdale Council’s Assistant Cabinet for Health Inequalities, Cllr Simon Young said: 

“I’m delighted that ten Council employees are taking the challenge and I wish them every success.  I’d encourage every smoker to take part – it isn’t easy to quit the habit but taking part in Stoptober means you have access to the help and support you need during those first few days.” 

Stoptober 2013 starts on Tuesday 1 October.  For more information and to join the biggest smoking challenge of its kind visit or call 0845 245 6000.

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