Future of the Shay Stadium

Cllr Tim Swift

This weekend’s World Cup rugby league match will provide a glorious climax to the first phase of Calderdale Council’s development of the Shay Stadium.

 Now we must look to the future. The Council is completely committed to ensuring that the stadium continues to thrive as a community venue, offering a secure base for our two professional clubs.

 However, given the enormous financial pressures the Council faces, we recognise that the next step forward will have to be taken through some form of partnership designed to secure the further investment which the Shay both needs and deserves.

 We will be holding further discussions with Reactiv Media to consider how they can play a part in the future success of the stadium.

 At the same time, we intend to create an opportunity in the coming months for other groups and organisations to submit ideas and proposals as we consult with the local community about the future of the stadium.

 Cllr Tim Swift said:

 “We need to make robust plans for the future of the Shay; but there is no need for us to rush into a decision. We intend to take time to examine all the available options and listen carefully to the range of local views on the future of the stadium.

 “That’s why we are not putting the Shay on the market at the present time, or proceeding with the current offer made to us as it stands. We welcome the support Reactiv Media is already giving to local professional sport and their interest in investing in the Shay, and we will continue to talk to them. Equally, we are interested in hearing from others with ideas and resources to work with us in achieving the full potential for Calderdale from the Shay.”

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