Get ready for summer

It’s time to get ready for summer, according to the Met Office, as they launch their WeatherReady preparedness campaign to help people make the most of summer weather, come rain or shine. 

Partners from across the country, including Calderdale Council, have joined forces to bring together the best advice to help people to get prepared for summer, so they can enjoy the conditions and minimise the impacts of severe weather on themselves, their families and their homes and businesses. 

 As part of WeatherReady, expert partners have offered their wisdom on a range of topics, from looking after your health in hot weather, taking the worry out of summer storms by preparing your home, getting prepared for a long car trip and even advice for planning a camping trip or a trip to the beach.  

Met Office preparedness expert Will Lang said:

“WeatherReady on the Met Office website is the best place to get expert information, from industry leaders, on how to prepare for summer weather and how to make the most of it.

 “Summers in the UK are famously variable, so it’s vitally important that people take steps now to be prepared for any severe weather, but also get the best possible advice for getting out and about in the summer weather.”

Calderdale Council is supporting WeatherReady, helping to share advice related to summer weather to keep people informed about how they can minimise the impacts of any severe weather that happens this summer. 

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Resilience, Cllr Scott Patient, said:

 “In Calderdale we know all too well that summer weather can be incredibly unpredictable, with the borough previously experiencing flash flood events due to sudden and heavy downpours in the summer months.

 “Whatever summer 2022 brings, it’s always good to be prepared. The Met Office’s WeatherReady resources provide important advice to plan for any weather event and there’s lots of additional information about how to prepare for flooding on our Eye on Calderdale site. By being prepared we can hopefully all enjoy a safe summer, come rain or shine.”

 You can get more expert advice on Flash Flooding – Eye on Calderdale(external link) and WeatherReady on the Met Office website(external link).


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