Managing Calderdale reservoirs – statement from Calderdale Council’s Leader

Flooding waves

Cllr Tim Swift, Leader of Calderdale Council, said:

“We welcome and support Yorkshire Water’s announcement today of the pilot proposal to manage reservoirs in Calderdale to reduce flood risk across the borough. The Council has been lobbying consistently on this issue since Boxing Day 2015 to ensure all partners work together to reduce risks to local people and enhance our resilience, and we are pleased that Yorkshire Water has now taken this action.


“We are keen for the new approach to managing reservoirs to begin, as part of our ongoing work to slow the flow of water down the valley. We hope this is developed further going forward, as there is clear evidence that this will significantly reduce flood risk for some of our communities.


“Methods such as tree planting and reservoir management are important ways to reduce flood risk, and we are totally committed to keep working with partner organisations and volunteers to protect residents and businesses.”

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