Managing Calderdale’s woodland

Tree planting

A new tree and woodland strategy is being discussed by Calderdale Council’s Cabinet, helping to guide tree management in the borough.

Calderdale has magnificent countryside and woodland, and a new strategy has been developed to ensure it can continue to be enjoyed by current and future generations.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet will consider the adoption of the new strategy which builds on the now outdated tree policy, which was last updated in 2009.

The updated strategy includes a number of differences, including reference to the delivery of the planned Northern Forest, which is due to comprise of around 50 million trees over 25 years, stretching right across the North of England.

The document also contains recommendations to plant trees in areas where they would be of most benefit, for example in areas with high levels of air pollution or flood prone areas as part of natural flood management schemes.

In preparation of the strategy, consultation with communities showed concern about the processes around tree removal. Therefore a clear decision making process has been developed and is included in the strategy. In any tree removal situation, the Council would consult with local communities and replace where possible and appropriate.

The strategy would also be used to guide the development of opportunities for tree and woodland protection and also to increase biodiversity across the borough. In addition, it would allow the Council to access external funding sources to invest in facilities.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhood Services, Cllr Susan Press, said:

“The many trees and areas of woodland around Calderdale are so important. They not only provide an attractive environment, improve air quality and offset carbon emissions; they also can create a habitat for wildlife.

“This new strategy will support the management of our trees, benefitting residents and visitors to the borough. It will also enable us to apply for more external funding and would offer opportunities for communities to get further involved in the management of trees in their area.”

The item will be discussed at the meeting of Calderdale Council’s Cabinet on Monday 14 January from 6pm.

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