New Year, new smoke-free life

No smoking

The New Year brings with it New Year’s resolutions, and for many, this will mean a healthier lifestyle. For smokers it could be the motivation for a new smoke-free life. 

Calderdale Council is backing Public Health England’s new campaign; raising awareness of the harm smoking does to your body. The hard hitting new advertising shows the damaging effect that toxins from smoking have on the blood, lungs, heart and brain.

 Tobacco smoke contains toxic chemicals including arsenic, tar, carbon monoxide and ethanol (used in anti-freeze). Every time you smoke, blood that’s thick and dirty with toxins circulates through your body in seconds, increasing your chances of a heart attack or stroke. 

Smoking still remains the biggest cause of premature death in England, accounting for 80,000 deaths a year with half of all long-term smokers dying prematurely from a smoking related disease. 

Calderdale Council’s Director of Public Health, Paul Butcher, said:

 “Smoking significantly increases your chance of a heart attack or stroke. If you could see the damage cigarettes do, you’d stop. 

“This campaign delivers a powerful message to highlight the immediate and serious invisible damage caused by smoking, at a time when many are looking to make a fresh, healthy start to the year.” 

Those wishing to stop smoking will be offered a range of free support tools that include face-to-face support, a Smartphone app, Quit Kits, and supportive daily emails and text messages. Information about all the support tools will be available through the NHS Smokefree website: link)  as well as tips and guidance for anyone looking to stop smoking. 

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Health Inequalities, Cllr Simon Young, said: 

“The majority of smokers want to quit, and January is the perfect time for them to take up the stop smoking challenge, making a new start for the New Year. In October, 850 people joined Stoptober in Calderdale, and this is another opportunity for others to make that change. 

“Of course, stopping this addictive habit is easier said than done, but you’re not alone; Calderdale’s NHS Stop Smoking Service is there to offer help and support. You are four times more likely to quit with the help of a support service. 

“Research has shown that by stopping smoking you won’t just feel the benefit to your health, your bank balance should also feel much better – an extra incentive to quit after the expensive Christmas period!”

Further advice and support is available from Calderdale’s NHS Stop Smoking Service, visit link)  call the service on 01422 281505 or email:

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