Supporting residents who are required to self-isolate

Cllr Press

Calderdale Council is supporting residents to self-isolate if they or someone they’ve had contact with tests positive for COVID-19.

From Monday 28 September it will be a legal requirement for those testing positive for COVID-19, or those identified by NHS Test and Trace as a contact of someone with the virus, to self-isolate for 14 days.

For some people, being unable to work for this period of time could cause financial difficulties. It has now been announced by government that a one-off payment of £500 is available for those on lower incomes who cannot work from home and have lost income as a result of self-isolating.

The Test and Trace Support Payment will be administered by local councils and Calderdale is working to ensure a system is quickly in place to enable people who are eligible for support to claim this funding.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Services and Communities, Cllr Susan Press, said:

“If you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace it’s so important that you self-isolate. Not only is this a legal requirement from 28 September, it’s also one of the most important ways we can prevent the spread of COVID-19, by breaking the chain of infection.


“However, we know that for many people, particularly those on low income, the financial implications of not being able to work due to self-isolation can be severe. Along with other local authorities, we’ve been pressing the government to provide financial support for people in this difficult situation.


“We therefore welcome the announcement that funding of £500 will be available to support people on low incomes who are unable to work while they are self-isolating, because they cannot work from home.


“We are now in the process of setting up the application form and Test and Trace colleagues will provide details to those people who may be eligible on how to apply for this payment.”

Application arrangements will be in place on the Council website ( as soon as possible and by Monday 12 October at the latest. People who are eligible for funding, who are notified on or after 28 September that they have to self-isolate, are able to make backdated claims where necessary.

Applicants will need to submit supporting evidence including their ID number from NHS Test and Trace, bank details, proof of employment and evidence that a required welfare support is in payment.

Providing support to people to enable them to self-isolate is part of Calderdale’s Outbreak Prevention and Control Plan. It is clear that we will continue to live with COVID-19 for the foreseeable future. The Council, local partner organisations and communities are working together to protect people from the virus and to prevent and manage outbreaks. This work also includes:

  • Supporting local businesses
  • Engaging with and supporting communities, particularly in areas of high infection rates
  • Increasing and improving access to testing for residents
  • Carrying out local contact tracing to support the national Test and Trace service
  • Enforcing COVID-19 restrictions.

We can all play our part to beat the virus by:

  • Washing our hands regularly
  • Staying two metres apart
  • Wearing a face covering when we are indoors where we might come into contact with others, such as public transport, taxis, shops, museums and places of worship
  • Not visiting, or having visitors from, other households
  • Staying away from crowds and avoiding close contact with others, such as handshakes and hugs
  • Keeping up with guidance
  • Isolating for 10 days and getting a test if we have symptoms of COVID-19
  • Following the advice of the Test and Trace service if we have come into contact with someone with the virus.

For up-to-date and reliable information about COVID-19, use trusted sources such as: link) link)

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