Driving the Tour plans forward

Residents on the Tour de France route are being advised about alternative parking arrangements when the race comes to Calderdale on Sunday 6 July 2014.
Calderdale Council is sending out letters to people whose homes are on or very close to the race route, to let them know what they need to do with their cars to prepare for the Tour. Leaflets were also placed on the windscreens of vehicles parked on the route last week, and this will be done again this and next weekend.
A ‘clearway order’ comes into force from 00.01am on Friday 4 July 2014 in rural places, and from 00.01am on Sunday 6 July for urban areas. The timings have been agreed to make sure any visiting vehicles that may arrive early to get a good vantage point, and who may subsequently compromise the route, can be moved in good time.
However, for local residents whose vehicles are on the route or within 10 metres of the route on any adjoining roads, the clearway order will only be enforced from one minute past midnight on 6 July, so only after this time would vehicles be towed. 
If you have your car parked on a private driveway this is not classed as being on the race route and will not be affected. 
You can still drive along the race route and adjoining roads until 6.30am on Sunday morning when the roads close to unauthorised motor vehicles. But please do not park on these roads from one minute past midnight on Sunday 6 July.
The Council has been working with local businesses and landowners to provide alternative free parking over the race weekend for residents whose vehicles are on or close to the route only. The letters give details of the parking locations.
The race route and adjoining roads will be closed in Calderdale from 6.30am on Sunday 6 July. From 7am all the barriers and signage will be placed on the route, the roads swept and checked in anticipation of the arrival of the race. At 10.30am, the route will be handed over to the race organisers, Amaury Sports Organisation (ASO) who will then do their own checks of the route and prepare for the arrival of the race.
Any roads linked to the route will also be closed where the road meets the race route, and access roads to the route may also be closed, at 6.30am on 6 July. A list of the roads affected, and an interactive map of the closures, can be found at link)
The roads will still be open to pedestrians and cyclists after the closures come into effect at 6.30am so that spectators can get into position to watch the race, until the ASO checking vehicle arrives from approximately 10.30am onwards.
Calderdale Council’s Leader, Cllr Tim Swift, said:
“The Tour de France is a massive event, so although we know that it may inconvenience some residents, we have to close roads and enforce parking rules to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved. The Tour is a great opportunity to show the world our fantastic local area and we really appreciate your help. The Council and other organisations are doing everything we can to make sure the race is a huge success, and to minimise wherever possible the impact on local people and businesses in Calderdale.”
The Tour de France is a huge, fun event – so enjoy yourself and release your inner cyclist! Keep up to date via Twitter @InnerCyclist(external link) for all things cycling in Calderdale or @letouryorkshire(external link) for general information.
For lots more information about the Tour in Calderdale, go to link)
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