Improving flood preparedness in Todmorden

Flooding waves

Improvements have been made at Todmorden Town Hall to boost its role as a community flood hub in the event of any future flooding, and to help local people feel more prepared.

A hub was formed at the Town Hall during the Boxing Day 2015 floods as part of the amazing joint recovery efforts of community volunteers, Calderdale Council and Todmorden Town Council.

It was a vital meeting place at the heart of the community, where organisations and volunteers coordinated their support effort, and residents and businesses went for information, advice and supplies.

Since then Calderdale Council, Todmorden Development Board and Todmorden Town Hall Working Group have been working together to build on the hub’s success and have invested in a number of improvement works. The Council’s contribution is from its dedicated £3 million flood recovery and resilience fund.

Cllr Collins, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said:

“We are continuing our work across Calderdale to be as ready as we can be for any future flooding, and to help local people feel prepared. There’s no doubt that the flood hubs throughout the borough did a brilliant job in 2015, but we’ve learned from the experience and continue to make improvements where they’re needed.”

Cllr Susan Press, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Communities, and Chair of Todmorden Development Board and Todmorden Town Hall Working Group, added:

“Many people have told me how much they appreciated the Todmorden flood hub in the 2015 floods. In an emergency it’s vital that those affected can access information and materials quickly and effectively. I’m delighted that the hub improvement works mean that we’re now better able to provide this support in one place.”

The improvements at Todmorden Town Hall include:

  • New computers and a stronger WiFi signal to enable quick, reliable access to essential information during and after floods.
  • The creation of a flood store in the building, where people can get cleaning materials, gloves, masks and other equipment to help them back onto their feet as quickly as possible in the event of a flood. The Town Hall cellar was not being used to its best advantage, and has now been cleaned out and made safe with emergency lighting, which will continue to work if there is a power cut.
  • New radios for flood wardens and flood hub volunteers to boost communications, to enable resources to be targeted where they are needed most.

For information on how to be prepared for flooding please visit

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