Noise investigation comes to an end

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Calderdale Council’s extensive investigation into alleged noises in the Holmfield area of Halifax has reached a conclusion.

In response to complaints from some residents about reported noise in the area, including low frequency noise, the Council began a complex and thorough investigation.

The Council takes the concerns and wellbeing of all local people seriously, and dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to look into the complaints.

This included staff working day and night to try to detect the reported noises, visiting residents’ homes and local businesses, listening very carefully to people’s concerns, and appointing an independent noise consultant.

Despite all efforts, officers are unable to evidence a statutory nuisance or to identify the source of the alleged noises. In addition, the noise consultant’s independent investigation came to the same conclusion.

Based on the outcome that the Council and the independent expert reached, the Council has closed the complaints made by local residents pending any new evidence, and all complainants are aware of this outcome.

Cllr Jenny Lynn, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Services and Communities, said:

“We have given our all to this investigation and left no stone unturned, because we care about local people and understand the impact that the alleged noises have had on some residents.

“This has been a highly complex case with many challenges, including the area’s landscape, the mixed residential / commercial urban environment, the fact that not everyone can hear the reported noises, and because low frequency noise is notoriously hard to detect across the country.

“At this time, we are unable to take matters further. We know this is not the outcome that the complainants were hoping for, but we have exhausted all current lines of enquiry.

“We don’t doubt that some residents are experiencing noise, so we will regularly review the situation and we’re happy to restart our investigations if any new evidence comes to light. We will continue to work with anyone who asks for our support, and will act on any new findings from national research into low frequency noise.”

To report noise in Calderdale, please visit the Council’s website:

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