On the road to highway improvements

Green light

Local people are being invited to share their views on a range of proposals affecting roads across Calderdale.

Plans for key aspects of our road network, such as traffic lights, footpaths, bridges and street lights will be discussed at Calderdale Council’s Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel meeting on Thursday 13 October 2016 from 6pm, which members of the public are invited to attend.

The Panel will look at the issue of Calderdale’s ageing traffic lights, which contribute to journey delays and air pollution from vehicle fumes. The discussion will cover the need for investment into new technology to better manage signal changes to keep traffic flowing smoothly, reduce travel times and improve air quality.  

The Council’s plans for upcoming road maintenance and improvement work will also be discussed at the meeting. Schemes are prioritised to try to make the best use of limited funds. These include repairing walls, strengthening roads, widening footpaths and tackling potholes across Calderdale.

Alongside this, the Panel will look into the process of how the Council prioritises road schemes and makes decisions on the way that specific works are carried out.

Cllr James Baker, Chair of the Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel, said:

“What happens on our local roads affects everyone in some way – residents, visitors, workers, businesses – however we travel. Of all the assets that the Council is responsible for, the road network is the single most valuable. Therefore we need to make sure we look after it right and make it as easy as possible for people to travel in Calderdale.


“We’re having some important discussions at the Scrutiny Panel meeting and encourage people to attend and share their views. The Council will take all feedback on board before making any decisions.”

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