Parking changes in Halifax

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On Friday 30 August, Calderdale Council will formally advertise a series of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) and a Parking Places Order (PPO) to change existing parking arrangements across the town centre. These include:

 A review of off-street car parks: It is planned that a maximum daily charge of £3, will be introduced Monday to Friday – one of the lowest tariffs in West Yorkshire –in the following car parks: High Street, North Bridge, Cross Hills, King Street, Hanover Street, Victoria Street, Union Street and Prescott Street. This would save people who park all day up to £2 per day.

  • A review of on-street parking: This will involve changing some existing parking spaces in the outer areas from short stay to long stay. The spaces would be charged at 50p per hour with a maximum charge of £3.50 per day. This would enable customers to park nearer their destination and for longer, without having to move their car.
  • Introduction of an evening parking charge in Halifax: Current charging hours are 8.00am until 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday, and this is being extended to 8.00pm. There is a growing demand for parking in the evenings and introducing an evening charge will manage the spaces and give customers more opportunity to park nearer their destination.
  • Removal of free parking on Saturdays: Free parking on Saturdays was originally introduced in December 2008 to encourage town centre shopping at Christmas. A review has shown that the majority of car park users in the free car parks are commuters and employees. To increase the number of spaces available to shoppers and visitors, a £1.00 maximum charge will be introduced on Saturdays in the following car parks: Cross Hills, Victoria Street, High Street and Mulcture Hall Road. Free parking will still be offered in all of the above four car parks on Saturdays in the six weeks leading up to Christmas.
  • Introduction of pay and display on Skircoat Road, Halifax: At the moment there are no formal parking spaces on Skircoat Road. This scheme will create 45 new designated car parking spaces with an hourly rate of 50p or a maximum daily charge of £3.50. This will create controlled and safer long-stay spaces.

 The orders will be advertised for 21 days in named car parks and at each on-street location, which will allow members of the public to make formal objections to the proposed changes. Full details of the draft order, map and further information may be inspected at the offices of the Head of Planning and Highways at Northgate House, Halifax.

 If you wish to object to any part of the proposed orders, please do this in writing by Friday 20 September 2013, addressed to:

 Head of Planning and Highways

Northgate House




 Alternatively, this can be emailed to:

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