Safe Places Calderdale

Cllr Press

Press release from West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Council

Police in Halifax are supporting the re-launch of the district’s Safe Place Scheme.

Calderdale Council launched the scheme to help vulnerable people be supported when they experience any incident that takes place whilst they are out and about in Calderdale.

Businesses and premises that are a “Safe Place” offer support to vulnerable people such as if they lose their wallet or purse, or if they have been bullied or harassed. They may simply need directions or somewhere to compose themselves.

People who are vulnerable, can carry a ‘Safe Place Card’ with emergency contact details on, however if someone presents themselves at a venue who may not have a card, the same service applies.

Participating venues are encouraged to promote their part in the scheme and offer a safe haven for someone in need while they wait for help.

Vulnerable people may be those who live with a physical or learning disability, someone living with dementia, mental health conditions, someone who is old, frail or ill, or any person who may be upset or in distress.

The Council is relaunching the scheme during Safeguarding Week by introducing a similar logo to those in neighbouring authority areas, to further support people who may need to access the scheme.

There is also a free Safe Place App available to down load for smartphone users which shows the nearest Safe Place available to the individual at any time.

PC Michelle Cheney, Halifax Ward Officer said; “This is a great scheme that really helps vulnerable people in the communities of Calderdale by offering them somewhere to drop in to if they need help.

“Where someone may have been the victim of a crime, we know that they are in a place of safety and that we can get to them and offer them the appropriate help and support they need.


“There are a number of people living in and around Calderdale who can access these ‘Safe Places’ when they might need them. We want vulnerable people to be able to be as independent as possible and to be able to provide them support in whatever way they may need it, as well as helping to prevent them from potentially becoming victims of crime.”

Cllr Susan Press, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Communities, said:

“We first launched the scheme five years ago and we’re really pleased to be relaunching it during Safeguarding Week with even more ‘Safe Places’ on board. Council teams have approached businesses and organisations across Calderdale and are offering guidance to help them give the best possible support.


“We want to make life safer and easier for vulnerable people. There are now over 40 easily recognisable safe havens throughout the borough where they can go if they need help, including libraries, museums, bus stations, pubs and children’s centres.”

There are similar schemes in place across the country.

Any organisations or businesses who think they could offer themselves as a Safe Place should visit for more information.

Organisations will be assessed to determine their suitability to take part in the scheme.

Download the safe places flyer here.

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