Play your part in bandstand’s future

Calderdale Council

Local people are being asked to play a part in securing the future of the bandstand in Centre Vale Park, Todmorden.

Calderdale Council is consulting on the next steps for the landmark, which is not currently in use because of its poor condition.

Deterioration and repeated vandalism at the bandstand mean that it is not safe to use, and although the Council has temporarily fenced it off, a long-term solution is needed.

The Council is not in a position to fund replacement or rebuilding, but is keen to secure the best possible future for this iconic local facility. 

The issue was discussed at last week’s Todmorden Ward Forum, where it was acknowledged that replacing the bandstand might be the best option, as repairing the existing one could still leave it open to further vandalism and deterioration of the wooden materials used in the structure.

At the meeting, the possibility of approaching Todmorden Town Council to contribute to the cost of a new bandstand was also discussed, but it was acknowledged that fundraising in the community would also be needed.

Residents are encouraged to get together to raise money and share their ideas with the Council to help secure the future of the bandstand.

In the meantime, the Council is keeping a close eye on the condition of the structure and will carry out minor repairs where needed to maintain safety.

Calderdale Council’s Neighbourhood Coordinator, Kirsten Fussing, said:

“We know that the bandstand is a valued part of Centre Vale Park and that local people are concerned about its future. We are keen to work with them to develop a way forward so that the historic feature can be enjoyed once more. If anyone is interested in putting together a community group to carry out fundraising, or has ideas for the bandstand’s future, I would welcome the chance to talk to them and will do all I can to help them get their plans off the ground.”

Get in touch with Kirsten Fussing with your ideas:

01706 548133 / 07795 475743

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